Jan 222011

Last week, I bought a BlackBerry Bold 9700. The main purpose was to have a small mail client with me when on the road. I decided to go with the BlackBerry since it has a qwerty keyboard and its mail functionality was supposed to be its greatest feature. Other applications were fun, maybe even useful, but not a necessity.

Now, after only one week of usage, I am completely done with my new gadget; it was a huge disappointment. This proprietary BlackBerry mail system is a disaster. It works through a pushing system at your provider, at the back-end accessing your mailbox on an IMAP/POP server or a public mail account like Gmail. However, the only thing this mail gateway does, is copying messages from your mail server to your BlackBerry device. It never checks back which messages were deleted or moved to another folder. As a result, this annoying red light is constantly blinking for messages that you have already answered in the mail client on your desktop or laptop, or for messages that were automatically moved from the inbox to another mail folder as soon as they arrived.

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