Feb 282011

In a attempt to breathe life into their dead-born Phone 7 platform, Microsoft now “allows” their employees to work on apps in their own time. This way, the corporation hopes to build a market share for its mobile ecosystem, which is currently next-to-none.

According to the New York Times, developers remain owner of the intellectual property, but Microsoft will take 30 percent of the earnings that might eventually be made. How this differs from their most important competitor, Google. That company allows its employees to spend one day each week (20 percent of their time) to work on whatever they like, as long as it benefits the company. And how it differs from the tools, devices, money and even revenue guarantees that Microsoft promised to external app developers before.

There used to be a time when Microsoft made a lot of its employees millionaires. Today, the company is milking its developers in an attempt to push a proprietary operating system no one is waiting for.

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